FFwD: Coconut Friands

This week the French Friday group made small tea cakes: Coconut Friands.    These were simple to put together requiring only a few ingredients that you most likely have in the pantry unless you belong to the anti-coconut group. I must admit that until I read some of the comments about this recipe I don’t believe I have ever known anyone who didn’t like coconut.  Dorie prefers these made with unsweetened shredded coconut. I could not locate unsweetened so I used the sweetened I already had.

I baked these in fluted mini muffin tins. I checked and mine held 2 1/2 tablespoons of water just as Dorie’s does.  Maybe I overfilled mine as I only got  15 friands from this recipe even though Dorie says she gets 24.  I had meant to put candied cheeries into these and I’m sorry I forgot to do it as I think they could have used a little color.  Some of the friands developed a golden color on the bottom but the others did not and I think the flavor of the golden ones was just a little better.  I was tempted to put them back in the oven but because I needed the oven for something else I didn’t.

This post is part of French Fridays a group that is cooking their way through the recipes in Around My French Table.  You can see how the others fared here.

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  1. I’ll admit, I’m one of those anti-coconut people. That isn’t stopping me from admiring everyone else’s cakes. They are very cute. I think candied cherries would look great for next time.

  2. nana

    This was such a simple recipe to make and if you have all the ingredients handy, it
    takes no time at all. Hubby and I liked them a lot, and when I shared some with Tricia’s family,
    they enjoyed them too. I also used the sweetened coconut, but cut back on the
    amount of sugar in the recipe. Worked out well.

  3. Team anti-shredded coconut here, BUT the coconut lovers in my house thought these were great. I am sure the cherries would add a nice touch.

  4. I loved these and yours look beautiful. I wish I would have drizzled a little chocolate over them,but they disappeared before I thought of that !

  5. I think the cherries would have been good. I like your fluted pans, also. I baked mine an extra 8 minutes or so to try to get a little more color on them–it didn’t seem to harm them.

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