FFwD: Cocoa Sablés

Cocoa Sablés appeared to be an easy recipe. After reading the recipe this week I had a vision of lovely, crisp chocolate cookies with a crystal sugar rim.   Dorie cautions us not to over mix; maybe that’s what was wrong with mine.  When I got to the point when I was instructed to cut the dough in half and form two logs I realized that my dough was way, way too dry and crumbly.  I read and reread the dough to see if I’d  forgotten to add some source of moisture.  I have occasionally gone through a new recipe so quickly I’ve left out a step.  Nope.   I’d put in everything. Rechecked that I’d put in the correct amount of flour, cocoa, and butter. Yes.  Okay, I scooped out about a third on some plastic wrap and squeezed until I had almost formed a log. I wrapped in the plastic wrap and continued squeezing until it seemed to be holding together.  I made three logs this way.  With less than full confidence these went into the refrigerator.

The next morning after darling daughter and sweet husband had gone off to their busy day I turned on the oven and took one cookie log out of the refrigerator.  I painted the log with the egg wash and rolled it in the sparkling sugar. Hmmm.  Sugar didn’t stick very well. Okay. Picked up the log with the sugar laden paper and sort of pressed it in.  It didn’t look much better but there was more sugar adhering.  Then I began cutting into disks. Quite a few split in two. I was able to push the pieces back together but I wasn’t sure if they would stay together.  As I put them into the oven I was sure all I was going to have to show you was a pile of crumbs.  After about 18 minutes out they came.  Most of them stayed together and they looked okay, not great but okay.

I decided the sugar might adhere better and the logs would cut easier if I left them out of the refrigerator for a little while.  That did help a little; none in the second log broke apart.  With the third log the sugar adhered better but several of the disks broke apart.

I did like them but they aren’t the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. Give me an oatmeal raisin cookie any day.   These aren’t exactly what I envisioned but they are quite lovely and I would make them again but not often.                                                                                    

I made these Cocoa Sablés as part of  French Fridays as we cook our way through Around My French Table.  Go here to see how all the others did with their sablés.



  1. They do look pretty! These cookies are definitely a grownup treat. I actually liked that they were not too sweet.

  2. They’re so pretty! Love the pink sugar… you’d never know they broke apart before baking! 🙂

  3. THey do look pretty with the pink sugar.
    I’d rather have an oatmeal cookie too (but hold the raisins!)

  4. Well, the ones you salvaged for the photos look great & I love your antique plate. I’m gaining more confidence about following my instincts when recipes don’t seem quite right to me. The pink sugar looks great – very Valentine’s!

  5. Pretty!!!! Such a great idea, especially for Spring!

  6. The pink sugar makes these cookies look so sweet!

  7. I like shortbread cookies, but if given the choice I’m a thick, chewy, chocolatey cookie girl.

  8. Love the cocoa and pink together. The ones in your photo are very pretty.

  9. Karen

    It seems like some people had trouble with the dry, crumbly dough and others didn’t. I kind of held my slices together as I sliced them off the log and that seemed to help. I also had to do some serious pressing to get my sugar to stick. They look pretty!

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