FFwD: Saint Germain des pres Onion Biscuits

     Our project this Friday: biscuits.  Well, we know biscuits.  These have an added ingredient: onion.  It was interesting that Dorie instructs us to just soften the onion rather than caramelize it.  She also adds sugar which I’ve never added to biscuits before. Dorie also tells us to use a biscuit cutter just 1″ to 2″ in diameter.  I could follow all of Dorie’s suggestions except that one.  I believe Dorie uses these as cocktail appetizers but my family expects a little bit bigger biscuits.

We liked the onion added to the biscuits but I might try caramelizing next time to see if that  changes the flavor a little and adds color.  I think I would eliminate the sugar and increase the salt as they seemed a little sweet to us.  The biscuits had a medium rise and split nicely.

Dorie wrote that some of the formed biscuits could be frozen and baked later so I decided to try it out.  The frozen ones did take quite a bit longer to bake but I don’t think there was much difference between these and the ones that were baked immediately.  This would make them a great convenience.

This post is part of French Fridays with Dorie a dedicated group who cook and blog their way through the recipes in Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table. Be sure to check out all the wonderful posts here to see how all the others fared with their biscuits.



  1. Your biscuits look delicious. I think a lot of us froze a good portion of these biscuits for future yumminess!

  2. I agree 1-2 inches is just not a biscuit. I expect to eat mine in more than one bite 🙂
    Am totally wishing I had kept some for the freezer…

  3. I agree…BIG biscuits are better. I made my biscuits with a regulare sized cutter and Served them with roast chicken dinner. I made small ones for the freezer for later.

  4. nana

    I took some from the freezer and used them for a BLT slider with mayo for
    lunch today. Delicious. Yours look great on the plate with that dish of butter.

  5. Your biscuits look great. I’m excited to know that these turn out well from the freezer. Of course, I already made all the biscuits I made Friday, but I would love the convenience of having these on hand in the frozen and baking them up to have hot with dinner.

  6. I made half a batch – no leftovers for us! I should have saved some in the freezer for a biscuit emergency 😉

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