TWD-BWJ Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

     We got off to such a great start with White Loaves but it appears that February 2012 will go down as a “best laid plans” month.  I did start gathering supplies two weeks ago when I went looking for amaretti di Saronno; unable to find those I settled for hazelnut biscotti made by a local family-owned Italian food store.  Making Chocolate Truffle Tartlets actually required following at least two recipes; one for the chocolate crust (pg. 372) and one for the tartlet filling (pg. 382). If you wanted to follow Dorie’s suggestion for a Baker’s Extravaganza there are three additional recipes for Crispy Cocoa Cookies, Expresso Parfait, and Chocolate Waves.  Back in January when I first read the recipe that Baker’s Extravaganza seemed like a wonderful idea but as so often happens life got in the way.

The Chocolate Dough was very easily mixed in the food processor.  Having watched the Baking With Julia episode with David Ogonowski (thanks again Steph and Jen)  I was prepared for how crumbly the dough could be.  I think I rolled the dough a little too thin trying to make four 8″ tarts rather than six 4″ tarts.  One tart shell crumbled after baking; the other three did fine but probably would have been better a little thicker.

The chocolate filling was very easy to put together.  Typical me I made quite a mess trying to cut 6 oz. of bittersweet chocolate off the huge solid block that I had. When I had just enough filling for the three shells I was glad that the one had crumbled.

The baked tartlet has a wonderful fudge-like texture with some small pieces of the biscotti evident.  I think if I had followed Dorie’s direction and used the 4″ pans the layer of filling would have been deeper and probably moister.  The tartlets were good and I would certainly would make them again.  Even without  the Cocoa Cookies and Expresso Parfait everyone here ate a piece and then went back for another.

If you want to see how all the other Doristas did with their Chocolate Truffle Tartlets go here.



  1. nana

    That slice looks good and so appetizing. This was Tricia’s week for the baking project
    and just as well, I would be sitting here filling my face with such a treat. I am
    looking forward to trying this recipe in the future.

  2. Your tartlet turned out wonderful looking. Kudos for trying to find the proper biscotti!

  3. Wendy

    Your tart looks yummy! 🙂

  4. I think it looks absolutely perfect!

  5. Teresa

    It looks delicious. I had to laugh when you mentioned the Baker’s Extravaganza. I had hopes of going that extra mile, too. Perhaps someday.

  6. It looks great!
    I gave up on the baker’s extravaganza idea WAAAAYYYY early on 🙂 It kind of scared me…

  7. Lovely-looking tart! Thanks for baking along with us this week.

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