FFwD: Gorgonzola-Apple Quiche

 Wow! It’s French Friday time again.  It’s been another busy, roller-coaster week in our household. The high point was celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary by surprising my husband with a carriage ride to a restaurant for dinner and then presenting him with a room key to spend the night at the hotel where we spent our wedding night.The low point was racing across town last night to make it to the UrgentOrtho clinic before it closed when darling daughter came home from ice skating lesson with her hand puffed up double size and a huge bruise at the base of her thumb saying she could not move her fingers.  (She’s fine.  It was not broken just badly bruised.)  Between these two points I managed three trips to the high school for various pickups and deliveries, put dinner on the table every night, made our French Friday Quiche, and baked loaf bread for the first time.

I planned to make the quiche for dinner Monday.  I’ve made quiche many times.  In fact I’ve made the one I do so many times that I no longer have to check the recipe except to verify the temperature for the oven.   Of course I hadn’t thought about or read the recipe for the tart shell that Dorie calls for this week.  Who knew this would be a two day process?  I was tempted to revert to the frozen pie shells that I have used for years but since my purpose in joining this group was to get out of my cooking rut and experiment with new recipes I decided to make the shell myself.  I’m so glad I did.  This tart dough recipe may become my go to recipe for pie crust.  It handled beautifully and made a strong and tasty crust.  In the past I’ve had trouble getting a crust to roll out and then transfer without breaking.  Luckily it was strong as I miss read the recipe and removed the shell from the tart pan before filling rather than after baking with filling.  It could have been a disaster but was not.

I used Gorgonzola Dolce that I found at a local Italian pasta shop that has a nice cheese counter.  I read the recipe at least four times to verify that I correctly read  that it only called for 2 oz. of cheese.  All the ingredient amounts seemed small.  The gorgonzola is so creamy that it was difficult to cut or crumble.  I think next time I will freeze the cheese to see if it is easier to crumble.  I used half a Gala apple.  I think when I do again I will use the whole apple and maybe leave the peel on.  I forgot the hazelnuts.

The quiche baked up beautifully but it didn’t puff up very much.  My family liked it but both said they preferred the one I usually make except they liked this crust better.  When we ate it for dinner none of the flavors stood out.  We couldn’t taste the apple at all.  I ate the last slice for lunch today and I loved how I could taste the cheese.  This is definitely a quiche that improves with age.  I think it makes a great lunch or first course but if I make it for dinner I think I will increase the amount of filling.  I served a spring salad with sliced avocado and navel orange alongside the quiche and finished out the meal serving the last of the broth braised fingerling potatoes.

All in all a great week and great recipe. I will certainly make the tart shell again.  While this won’t be my go to quiche I think I will make it again.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else did with this recipe.



  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Hope your girl is better.
    Your quiche looks great – I used a whole apple in mine and it seemed to be the right thing. I am pretty sure I used more than 2 oz of cheese too.

    • Thank you for your good wishes and your concern. Daughter is fine the hand looked much worse than it turned out to be. Soon as we got ice on it and got the puffiness down she could move her fingers again.
      I’ve tried to comment on your post but the system will not let me. I used a Gala apple and it just melted away. I think a Granny Smith might be good and I’d use the whole apple.
      Loved your pie chain and have put on my wishlist. I’ve been using a bag of uncooked rice for a couple of years; it’s messy but does the trick.

    • Hope you are feeling better and there was still a piece of the quiche left for you.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had quite a week! Congratulations on your bread! I used regular gorgonzola and think I’d use it again. Everyone who used the dolce talks about how mild it was. Funny, I used a whole apple and didn’t even realize I was supposed to use a half!

  3. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    Your crazy busy life sounds similar to mine! It just never stops!
    I’m glad your daughter is ok and your quiche looks great!

  4. Whew! Happy Anniversary and glad that it was just a bruise! The quiche does look good and I love your side salad, including the presentation.

  5. Life gets crazy sometimes, but glad your daughter is fine and, Happy Anniversary.
    I added 3/4 apple…ate 1/4 while cooking….so I had apple in every bite, enough to be tasted and a little crunchy. The flavors, especially the cheese, were stronger the next day, but, again, I added more cheese…probably double. I always add a little more spice or flavor to these French recipes which I think are not as strongly flavored as we are used to. Here in AZ, with the Mexican influence, we are used to lots of big, bold flavor and color. All looks good, and I like your salad…I have avocados and can run out and pick my oranges so I think I’ll give it a try.

  6. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! Your quiche looks great. The side salad looks delicious too.

  7. Happy anniversary! I guess for every uneventful week, we get one packed like yours. I enjoyed the quiche; the combination of eggs, gorgonzola, and apple was a nice surprise.

  8. Happy anniversary! I’m jealous you found the dolce. I’ll have to look harder for it next time!

  9. Happy Anniversary – and glad your daughter is okay! I was also surprised at how long it took for the pastry – normally quiches are so quick. The end result was delicious though!

  10. Oh, those trips to the hospital emergency room are not fun. Glad you had some good meals among the highs and lows. I like Dorie’s tart also. It works well for me. Glad you are going to give Boo’s book a try, perhaps. Well worth it. Like your Blog. This is my first visit. I will bookmark it.

  11. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I’m glad your daughter’s injury is relatively minor. The quiche looks lovely and I can imagine the thinner filling feels less satisfying than more North American-style quiche.

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