FFwD: Broth-Braised Potatoes

Our French Friday recipe for this week, Broth-Braised Potatoes, is described by Dorie Greenspan as “energized boiled potatoes”.  All week as I planned my menu and gathered ingredients I could hear the voice of my mother of blessed memory saying “really dear, you need a recipe for boiled potatoes”?  Obviously potatoes by themselves would not a meal make so I decided to create a meal around them to help me build some enthusiasm for this recipe. I knew I wanted to follow Dorie’s bonne idee and braise some fennel.  Finally settled on roasted leg of lamb and asparagus to go with the potatoes and fennel.  I made a gremolata to sprinkle of the lamb and the potatoes. Definitely more of a spring menu but our weather recently as certainly fooled all of us and many of the trees and flowers.

The fingerling potatoes were good but nothing special.  I did boil down the broth and then stirred the potatoes in the syrup which added a little flavor to the skin but not much to the potato itself.  The broth didn’t make much difference to the fennel.

Finished off the dinner with a Vietnamese Baked Banana Cake.  I found the recipe on Almost Bourdain.blogspot. com.  This was a  delicious and very different kind of dessert.  I made it twice this week.  The first one I made (the one we ate) looked a little over brown but tasted wonderful.  The second one I gave to a friend for Lunar New Year and it looked more like the one on the the blog.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all the creative Doristas did with this recipe.



  1. nana

    What a lovely plate, everything looks delicious. I don’t think I have ever cooked
    lamb, but yours looks so good, I might give it a try. Tricia and I were not fond
    of the potatoes, but we made the best of it and used the leftovers for a frittata.

    • Thanks, Nana. Leg of lamb roast is very easy. Some seem to think of it as an acquired taste but my family loves it. New Zealand lamb is pretty easy to get here and cheaper than a good beef roast. Go figure. Your frittata looks so delicious. I wanted to reach through the screen and take a bite. I’m loving French Fridays as I get so many ideas that push me out of my rut. I tried to leave you and Tricia a comment but it kept coming back that my ID could not be verified.

  2. What a beautiful meal. As much as I want to like lamb, we have not come to terms with each other in the kitchen yet – so I am duly impressed 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Love your posts but at the moment I’m terribly jealous. Having retired after 35+ years in education my 16-year old says I know absolutely nothing about school. She refuses to study if I’m around although I do get to answer the occasional algebra question. I think I am more of a spirit of the recipe kind of cook. My mother-in-law who was the best cook ever used to say to make it the way the recipe was written the first time and then change it to suit yourself after that. I think that is why I’m enjoying French Fridays so much. I get the collected wisdom of so many.
      I tried to reply to your post but the system will not let me. Hope you see this.

  3. What a gorgeous meal. Kudos to you for doing both the potatoes and the fennel!

  4. I’m not a lamb fan, but your preparation of it sounds really terrific. That Lunar New Year Cake sounds really intriguing, will look that up. Looks like a terrific meal!

  5. I am a lamb fan so this looked particularly delicious to me. Loved that you tried both fennel and potatoes. And, the cake, sounds fabulous.

  6. Good call on the lamb, fennel and asparagus with the braised potatoes! Everything looks delicious and your choices are all favorites of mine,yum;-)

  7. Your photos look great! Thanks for the kind welcome on Miss Blossom Bakes 🙂 Do try the Apple Sharlotta. It goes together in a short time, and is sooooo good!

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